Star Wars Dessert Party Review

I have gone to Disney World at least 35 times. I’ve lost count, but I know that’s the minimum number. People probably think my husband and I are crazy to continue going, but one of the great things about Disney is there’s always something new to do. Between the tours, restaurants, and expansions, we always experience something different each time we visit, whether it is intentional or not. During our last trip this past November, I thought it would be fun to do the Star Wars Dessert Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Turns out, I was right.

A few weeks before our trip, I decided I wanted to be part of what I considered the Disney “elite”—those people I always see in sections that say, “Reserved for Dessert Party” or guests walking in a mini-parade with stormtroopers. During a previous trip, we went to the Star Wars Launch Bay Theater, located in the Animation Courtyard section of Hollywood Studios, to meet Chewbacca, BB-8, and interact with some Jawas. While there, we noticed some high-boys set up outside with one of those special “Dessert Party Only” signs, and on the inside, there was a whole roped off section with hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and cocktails. It looked like so much fun. A few weeks before this trip, I happened to remember it and searched for dessert parties on the Disney World website. Disney offers quite a few throughout the parks, and they are usually associated with a nighttime show. I had not seen the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular yet. The last time we went (when we discovered the dessert party), Olivia refused to wear her noise-cancelling headphones, and I didn’t want to expose her to that much noise. I ended up taking her into a gift shop for the duration of the show and missed it. Anyways, I knew I wanted to see this show, and I’ve been a Star Wars fanatic since my dad showed me Return of the Jedi when I was six years old. Those two things combined told me that this was the dessert party for us. And to my surprise, it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be ($60 per person; children under 3 are free.) Without thinking twice about it, I booked the reservation.

Now for a little pre-cursor to the party. We were at the part in our trip where all of our friends had left, and it was just me, Zac, and Olive. Zac and I had 5:00 fast passes for Star Tours, and since there was no one to watch Olivia, I told him to go ahead and use his, then I’ll use mine, we’ll go grab dinner at the ABC Commissary, and head over to the dessert party, which started at 6:00 p.m. Theoretically, this should only take 30 minutes for us to both ride and maybe another 30 for eating. However, Zac got behind those lovely guests in line, who didn’t quite understand how to use fast passes and freaked out when the standby and fast pass lines merged…you know the type. We’ve all been stuck behind those mouth-breathers before. (P.S. Never be that person.) In addition to the slow pokes, one of the ships broke down. Around 6 p.m., I decided me riding was a lost cause and went ahead to the Commissary to order our food, which took forever. The Commissary was pretty empty, but Olivia and I are gluten intolerant. As I’ve said in a previous post, Disney is a gluten free heaven; however, it takes them forever to make the gluten free food (usually 10-15 minutes). This time took even longer though, and of course, Olivia started throwing a tantrum and refused to eat her food. Like the late-ass sluts that we are, we didn’t make it to the dessert party until 7:10, and guest are moved outside around 7:30 for the pre-show. I was so incredibly flustered and mad. I paid $120 for this, and we’ve missed all of it for the most part.

Once we arrived at the Star Wars Launch Bay Theater, I asked the cast member at the main entrance where to go. She directed me and told me to ask for another cast member. After a few more speed bumps (other cast members not knowing what to do or how to direct us or who this cast member was that we’re supposed to talk to), we finally arrived. They gave us our badges (Olivia even got one, too!) and told us how everything works. We could eat and drink as much as we wanted, but at 7:30 we needed to line up at the exit to walk to the Chinese theater. Somehow, all the cast members in the dessert party knew we were late, and they were so incredibly accommodating. The bar tender poured us doubles when we got there and again before exiting. The chef brought out some gluten free desserts, and we fixed our plates from the spread. On a side note, I don’t think we needed to eat beforehand. There was so much food and not just desserts. The gluten-full food, according to my husband, was amazing, but the gluten-free desserts…meh. Disney usually does better for gluten-free food, so I was a bit disappointed in those. However, the whole experience, even for just 20 minutes, was amazing.

To signal it was time to line up, stormtroopers walked through the dessert area announcing that we had to come with them. We were taken into a separate room where we were given our commemorative Star Wars stein (BB-8 souvenir cup, and they gave Olivia one!!) From there, the stormtroopers led us to the roped off area in front of the Chinese theater to view the show. We were finally part of the Disney elite. The viewing for the show was great. We could see all the projections and come and go from the viewing area to use the restroom or buy more drinks (the free drinks ended as soon as we left the dessert party.)

We will definitely do the Star Wars dessert party again, and I think that says a lot considering we missed the majority of it. It’s worth the price in my opinion, and I think next time it will be even better when we can experience it in its entirety. Have you ever done a Disney dessert party? Which one? Do you think it’s worth it?

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